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Why I Dislike Behavior Clip Charts

Hey, ya'll! I pray you are well and blessed. Today I wanted to discuss why I dislike behavior clip charts. About a year ago I did a video about ditching the behavior clip chart. Ya'll when I tell you I dislike them, trust me. Yes, I was naive to this silly system during a long term sub position, because at the school that I was at that's what they did. I knew though after a while that this system SUCKED.  Many of you know my style of teaching. I'm not a yeller or mean. I teach with love, kindness, and firmness. It's very simple. This chart in my eyes is just another way to add more pressure to kids and lower their self-esteem. I created a video about it on my YouTube channel to share my thoughts. I believe in logical consequences when it comes to my classroom.  Take a look at my video below. Love you bunches!

One Fab Teacher Planner (2 versions)

Hello, my rays of sunshine! I can't believe that I only have 19 days of work left. Can I get an AMEN?! However, I'm going to miss my sweet little Firsties. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Even though summer is coming it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about work. One thing I often think about before the next school year is my teacher planner. When I tell you that I LOVE teacher planners and just planners in general, I LOVE THEM! Last year I created a planner for myself. I've been inspired by so many planners that I've used that I decided to create my own. I just wanted to share with you a little about my planners. Yes, there's two versions of my planner.

This version of the planner has lesson plan boxes. I know many teachers still enjoy lesson plan boxes. What I love about both versions of this planner is the fact that you will have quotes throughout the planner to motivate and inspire you during the school year. Click on the pic and watch the video about this planner.

This version of the planner has a daily "to-do" list planning feel. Instead of using lesson plan boxes I type my plans on the computer and place them on my clipboard for the week. I love this version because each day I think about what I need to do for the next day and write it down.  Again, what I love about both versions of this planner, is the fact that you will have quotes throughout the planner to motivate and inspire you during the school year. Click on the pic and watch the video about this planner.

Pray Bigger

Hey, ya'll! I pray you all are having a BLESSED Easter today. It's been beautiful weather here in Houston for the last four days and I'm LOVING IT! I just wanted to post on here a quote that's been on my heart for a few days. I truly believe in having dreams and goals, but I also believe wholeheartedly in the power of prayer. Prayer can change things and I believe in praying more than dreaming. I'm not sure what many of you are going through, but I can tell you prayer helps. You see, I've been dealing with things from all avenues in life. From work, personal, etc. It just seems it's been coming from all areas. However, prayer has gotten me through. When things aren't going quite how you would like, drop and PRAY! I love you bunches.

Just Checking In

Hey, lovebugs! I pray all is well with you. It's been a beautiful but yet tiring week for me. A week ago I had come to the decision that social media is just NOT for me. I have to be honest so many get caught up in the hype. You know, the likes, comments, subscribers, followers, etc. It's a sad reality. I created the video  "Goodbye To YouTube." If you have been on team Miss May then you know and understand how I have been dealing with this social media. Over the years I have had a love-hate relationship with social media. To make a looooooong story short I chose to let the other social media platforms of mine go and try YOUTUBE. I loved it and I enjoyed it. My ultimate goal has been to always help other educators and future educators. However, it started taking a toll on me and my career. I don't think many understand how difficult and how much time it takes to think of a video to create, create it, edit, and then upload. Teaching is my number one baby! I LOVE being a teacher even through all the drama that comes with it. Just like any job you will have your trials and your obstacles. What matters is how we handle them. I had decided to let YouTube go. It was a hobby. It was taking me away from my main focus and that's TEACHING. Nobody can do it all. Something or many things will suffer. I am truly happy with my decision and thankful that I listened to God as he spoke to me. I plan to leave my videos up because I want people to get as much information from them as they can. I'm not sure where God is going to lead me but I'm putting my trust in him for as long as I shall live. I plan to post more here on my blog and of course, products in my TPT store. Thank you all for rockin' with me and being so supportive.


Christmas Break Is Near

Hey ya'll! I pray all is well with you. It's been busy over in my neck of the woods. I'm sure the same in yours as well.  I just wanted to remind you all about the importance of staying consistent with this last stretch before the holiday break. In previous years,  I was that teacher who thought the last two weeks before the holiday break could be just whatever. Uh, NO! I learned real fast that kids appreciate routine and "fun" structure. I have learned that staying consistent with our normal schedule with a few added bonuses of EXTRA fun is doable. Keep those routines and procedures in place and don't let things slip. We are all so tired and want to just say, "Forget it." However, we can't. Keep on pressing on teachers we got this! Many blessings to you.

My Dearest Firstie Kalieb May You Rest In Peace

Dear Kalieb,
I want you to know that Miss May loves you with all my heart and soul. Today you decided to leave us at 12:01pm to be with the good Lord. I was so devastated when Mimi texted me that today or tomorrow would be the day. When I received the last text from Mimi that you passed I just couldn't fight the tears. You and I had an instant connection when Mimi brought you in for meet the teacher last year. I was so glad that you were going to be my Firstie. I will not forget the laughs, smiles, and all the happiness we shared. I can remember some of your ups and your downs. How much you LOVED your dog Butch and how much you LOVED Mimi who took such good care of you. She made sure you had all of your needs and a lot of your wants. LOL Tonight I went and visited with Mimi and Grammy. Mrs. Pipes and Mrs. Lucas was there too. We cried and laughed as we talked about you. It was hard looking into your bedroom knowing you wouldn't be there again. I can only imagine how Mimi is feeling right now to be the one holding you as you took your last breath. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I love you my little Firstie. Thank you for loving me as your teacher, your laughs, and your jokes. I will ALWAYS keep the Hypno ring you gave me. I will miss you, sweet boy. May you rest in peace. No more pain Kalieb no more pain. I LOVE YOU!

I have never in a million years would've thought that I would have experienced losing a student of mine to cancer. This is one of the hardest things I have dealt with. Kalieb was a Firstie of mine from the 2017-2018 school year. He was diagnosed with DIPG in kindergarten. He has been a warrior since day one. I'm going to miss him tremendously and so thankful that I was blessed with him.


These kids need us. 

Don't Forget To Always Pray

Hey loves! I just wanted to post this quote on this FABULOUS Monday morning on the blog today. I have received so many emails, comments on my Youtube channel, and questions in my Teachers Pay Teachers store about me returning to Instagram. The reason being is because they miss my positivity on there. It truly means so much to me to see those words on my computer screen. I probably won't ever return to Instagram, but I can post to my blog a daily quote. I miss spreading these quotes out and that was my purpose on social media. So with that said, this is my first post 2018 quote for you. I chose this quote to be the first quote because this is something my mother instilled in my brother and I. To simply pray. Not just pray for what you want, but pray for the good and the bad. Just don't talk to him when things go left. Talk to him even when things are right. I pray you all have a FABULOUS Monday! I LOVE YOU!!!