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Christmas Break Is Near

Hey ya'll! I pray all is well with you. It's been busy over in my neck of the woods. I'm sure the same in yours as well.  I just wanted to remind you all about the importance of staying consistent with this last stretch before the holiday break. In previous years,  I was that teacher who thought the last two weeks before the holiday break could be just whatever. Uh, NO! I learned real fast that kids appreciate routine and "fun" structure. I have learned that staying consistent with our normal schedule with a few added bonuses of EXTRA fun is doable. Keep those routines and procedures in place and don't let things slip. We are all so tired and want to just say, "Forget it." However, we can't. Keep on pressing on teachers we got this! Many blessings to you.

My Dearest Firstie Kalieb May You Rest In Peace

Dear Kalieb,
I want you to know that Miss May loves you with all my heart and soul. Today you decided to leave us at 12:01pm to be with the good Lord. I was so devastated when Mimi texted me that today or tomorrow would be the day. When I received the last text from Mimi that you passed I just couldn't fight the tears. You and I had an instant connection when Mimi brought you in for meet the teacher last year. I was so glad that you were going to be my Firstie. I will not forget the laughs, smiles, and all the happiness we shared. I can remember some of your ups and your downs. How much you LOVED your dog Butch and how much you LOVED Mimi who took such good care of you. She made sure you had all of your needs and a lot of your wants. LOL Tonight I went and visited with Mimi and Grammy. Mrs. Pipes and Mrs. Lucas was there too. We cried and laughed as we talked about you. It was hard looking into your bedroom knowing you wouldn't be there again. I can only imagine how Mimi is feeling right now to be the one holding you as you took your last breath. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I love you my little Firstie. Thank you for loving me as your teacher, your laughs, and your jokes. I will ALWAYS keep the Hypno ring you gave me. I will miss you, sweet boy. May you rest in peace. No more pain Kalieb no more pain. I LOVE YOU!

I have never in a million years would've thought that I would have experienced losing a student of mine to cancer. This is one of the hardest things I have dealt with. Kalieb was a Firstie of mine from the 2017-2018 school year. He was diagnosed with DIPG in kindergarten. He has been a warrior since day one. I'm going to miss him tremendously and so thankful that I was blessed with him.


These kids need us. 

Don't Forget To Always Pray

Hey loves! I just wanted to post this quote on this FABULOUS Monday morning on the blog today. I have received so many emails, comments on my Youtube channel, and questions in my Teachers Pay Teachers store about me returning to Instagram. The reason being is because they miss my positivity on there. It truly means so much to me to see those words on my computer screen. I probably won't ever return to Instagram, but I can post to my blog a daily quote. I miss spreading these quotes out and that was my purpose on social media. So with that said, this is my first post 2018 quote for you. I chose this quote to be the first quote because this is something my mother instilled in my brother and I. To simply pray. Not just pray for what you want, but pray for the good and the bad. Just don't talk to him when things go left. Talk to him even when things are right. I pray you all have a FABULOUS Monday! I LOVE YOU!!!

Dear Teachers

Hello, lovebugs!
The new school year is approaching and as I sit here in my parent's backyard relaxing I'm beginning to realize that I need to start getting my teacher game face on. Last year, I let a lot of things get to me and it affected my teaching some. The main thing that bothered me, was being LIED to at the beginning of the year and then to be smiled at like nothing was said. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't communicate well with liars or fakes. However, that is the past and I'm ready for a new school year. I refuse to let gossips, liars, and negative people take my joy of teaching this school year. In your times of trouble come back to this blog post and watch this video for encouragement. I love ya'll and I love your support!

I'm Sorry

Where the heck do I begin? I had great intentions to post to my blog on a weekly basis. I have failed. I have failed to all of you who had decided to follow and subscribe to my blog. I wanted to say, "I'm sorry." There's no excuse, but pure laziness. Yes, pure laziness. :) So what have I been up to? Well, I have officially been off work for two weeks. Time has been flying by. I need these days to slow down some. LOL So as summer has begun, I've done LOTS of swimming, resting, reading, and just really

My New Teacher Bag

Hey ya'll! I pray everyone is off to a FAB new year! I can't believe the school year is halfway over. It's been an off year for me. Things haven't been flowing like I would like. My teacher bag flow wasn't working AT ALL! I was so tired of my tote bag and I know my shoulders were too. I decided to try something new, but I didn't want to feel like a senior in high school. A backpack! So I googled teacher bags and diaper bags popped up. Cute diaper bags! I never would've ever though to use a diaper bag as a backpack. I'm so glad I found this cute and fun bag! This bag has so many compartments and there's a lifetime warranty NO questions asked! Check out my video and see!

What's In My Mama's Bag?

Hey loves! Praying that all is well. School has been out and summer has been in! I've been doing LOTS of relaxing and swimming. I'm very excited because my parents are in town and we have had so much fun so far!!! As many of you know, I have a teacher YouTube channel and from time to time I like share personal info besides work. About three weeks ago I did a what's in my bag video. Well I asked my mom if she would be willing to do one too. She said, "yes!" However, once her and my dad arrived I could tell she was a bit nervous. I'm so glad she did, because it ended up being a hilarious and fun video. I thank God daily for all of my blessings because we aren't promised tomorrow. Mama bear if you are reading this, I LOVE YOU and THANK YOU for being the BEST mom in my world!!!!! Enjoy the video loves and feel free to share! LOL