Saturday, August 22, 2015

Up The Dosage



Sunday, August 16, 2015

God Gave Me The Strength

Hey loves!! Always remember that GOD will give you the strength that you need. I was battling letting go of social media. By the strength from God and the encouragement from my brother and mother I let it go. I believe in my heart that this was the BEST decision for me. I TRUST and BELIEVE this. Trust you gut, it NEVER fails you.

Dear Social Media,

Dear Social Media,

It has been a long time coming. A long time to say goodbye. You have taken my time away from my Heavenly Father, my loved ones, and my career. You can be a good networking tool, but at the same time you have taken way TOO much of my time. I'm checking my social accounts first thing in the morning versus giving God the glory for waking me up another morning.This is sad. I wasn't sure how many handled you with significant others and children. I was STRUGGLING as a single woman with NO children.

Let's be real the number of followers excites us all, along with likes, retweets, and comments we receive. I'm over it. I have done my best to try and help along with inspire others but I have to keep myself  HAPPY as well. Social media you have changed many lives and continue. I refuse to be that changed person.

The number of likes, retweets, comments, and re-posts don't validate me as a person or as a teacher.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Greeting Those Kiddos Every Morning With YouTubeOnRepeat

Hey love bugs! Can I just say that I am so LOVING #periscope!! I have really appreciated all of these FAB ideas from FAB teachers. I really feel like it should be counted as professional development. I mean come on! Well I did a scope on "Bucket Filling" and I mentioned how important it is for me to be standing in my entryway of my classroom, greeting my Firsties every morning. I'm so positively sure that MANY do, but I'm also positively sure that MANY don't. Along with greeting my Firsties I play the "Good Morning" song by Mandisa. OH MY GOODNESS can I tell you how much they LOVE and I mean LOVE hearing this song in the morning? I will be totally HONEST. Most of them come in dancing, smiling, and singing along. This makes Miss May's heart SUPER HAPPY.

This is where YouTubeOnRepeat comes in. In the past I was able to download itunes and just play the song and repeat it. Unfortunately, I'm able to do that now. So I found YouTubeOnRepeat. This stops you from having to interrupt your "happy" greetings to replay your song. You must make sure that you click on the correct link. 

Here's the awesome song that I mentioned and play EVERY single morning for the kiddos. Thank you Mandisa for helping us get our feel good on! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

It's Fab Teacher Planner: Erin Condren Style

Hey LOVE bugs!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I definitely am, but it feels like it's flying by so fast!! I really need to take a chill pill and relax before this new year comes.

So many of you know that I'm a HUGE Erin Condren fan! Her style in all things pretty is right up my alley. I've collaborated with them before, so when the FAB Sam reached out again (hey Sam) and  asked if I would be willing to review their new teacher planner. I was honored and didn't hesitate with my YES! So here I am writing a review about this FAB product. I have LOTS of pictures below so enjoy!

So this is what was sent to me.

If you click on each title it will take you right to that product. If you click on the picture it will take you straight to their website. 

NOW LET"S LOOK INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, the inside cover has these beautiful chalk like apples. ADORBS. I really LOVE the cover page. It really feels teachery. This is a place where you can write in your name, school, school year, etc. Personally I will probably put a FAB quote here. :)

This section is a two page spread for important dates and holidays. This was in the previous teacher planner. However, it looks a lot cleaner and brighter.

This page has changed a bit and I LOVE it!!! This two page spread is great for all your student birthdays. In years past I've written student birthdays, teammate birthdays and others in the school building. Nothing better than feeling acknowledged on your born day!

All throughout the teacher planner is a FAB quote for more encouragement and positivity. Just what I LOVE! Spreading Kindness everywhere we go.

So right after the FAB quote you get a two page monthly spread. This is where the colorful date dots come in handy. You could write your numbers in the circle or you could use the colorful date dot stickers. (I prefer the stickers)

You have a absentee section. I realize that with technology we can search for this information. I just like the idea of writing this info down because it's quick and easy access for me. 

This is the substitute section. This is the ONLY thing I don't like about this planner. I use my EC PLANNER daily and it stays with me like my BIBLE does. So I wouldn't leave this for my sub. 

This section is the lesson planner page. I use to just write my plans in the boxes but I discovered an awesome way to print my plans on sticky notes. Thanks to the awesome Tami from Oh So Blessed. PLEASE watch her YouTube video on how she preps her lessons for the week using sticky notes. I promise you won't regret it. :)

Now this happens to be my FAVORITE part of the planner. I LOVE checklist. Mind you every year I order extra of these to be added to my teacher planner.

I'm such a HUGE fan of graph paper. My principal a few years ago introduced me to this paper for  taking notes. I love the new touch they added to the corner of the pages. It almost looks as if an artistic student created them.

Cool for school sticker book. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Take a look at some of the awesome stickers included. Such a nice added touch that you can add to your cart with your planner. 

This is a FAB dashboard of stickies that I JUST love!!!!

This is exactly what it's meant for. To keep it all together!!! This folder comes with a front pocket and a back pocket. Behind this is a plastic sleeve where you can store your class list.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know how I am about my pens. Love me a good writing pen. Let's face it though, all teachers LOVE a good pen!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review. I have given my honest opinion.

Now time for you to go and shop! When you make your first purchase at
you receive $10 off your order. Just copy and paste this info below in your browser. Happy Shopping!!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Monday Made It Baby! My Clipboard is So Fancy!

Hey love bugs! I hope all is well and that most of you are on summer break. If you're not, just know the end is near. I must admit I have been enjoying the rest and relaxation but I do miss my Firsties. Okay so here goes the reason why I'm writing today. Many of you may know that I'm on Instagram and I shared a picture of my clipboard that I created for myself. The beautiful Tara from
4th Grade Frolics made a comment on my photo to link this up on Monday Made It. Of course! I love her and her linky party! Now I've been a FAN of Monday Made It for a couple of years now and I get so many FAB ideas. Not only for the classroom, but also for my home. I had to present to my colleagues about technology and Tara's blog and her Monday Made It linky party was included in my presentation. Thank you Tara for this awesomeness. I have seen these clipboards for about 4 years now and I've been given a few as a gift and I LOVE them! The creativity you can do with these are endless. I will say that step 2 and 3 can be switched with one another. It just depends with how you prefer to do it.I decided to make myself one and my team partner (who is no longer at my school). This is my gift to her when we go out for dinner this week. She will know that it was made with LOVE. Enjoy! ((HUGS))

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Hey love bugs! Happy Sunday! Man these days are going by so fast. I can't believe school is almost out. 28 days (but whose counting?) hehe. As many of you know classroom management is one of my strong points. I'm a teacher who believes in showing students empathy and compassion. I don't care about a child's economic status. I just care about how they feel. It's important for me to let my students know that I love them and care about them. We know that when it becomes the end of the school year teachers become VERY tired, weary, and cranky. The same goes for our kiddos. So it's important to keep that routine and positivity going until the end. It's so worth it. So many people ask me if I give everyone a note and YES, I do! Nobody goes left out when I give a positive praise. Yes, I do give students individual encouragement as well. Let's face it some do deserve that extra praise too. However, when it's a note that is for everyone then everyone gets that same note. Usually, it's a note letting them know how FAB they are, or how glad I am that they are in my class. :)

These are going out on desks tomorrow morning. I LOVE my weekends, but I do miss them over the weekend and wonder what they're up to. :)

Click on this photo if you're interested in my I just want you to know slips. :)

Dry Erase markers are used a lot in my room. This is so easy and quick to do. The best part is that it cleans off so easy. :) Each kiddo received this message on their desks last week. Each one of them are my favorites. :) 

I was happy for Friday and I know they were too. :)

My new mug from The Night Owl is perfect for me and all that I LOVE and believe in. Teaching truly does start from the heart. I just LOVE my new mug and can't wait to use it. If you haven't checked out The Night Owl's webiste you are mising out. So much cute and fun teacher goodies. I just LOVE it when companies think about us. Yay!! Go check out the site, you won't regret it.

Have a blessed and FAB week love bugs. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

A Teachers Pay Teachers Milestone

Hey love bugs! I hope you all had a FAB week. I wanted to take the time to thank Teachers Pay Teachers and YOU! I have reached an amazing milestone that I'm very proud of. Yep, Miss May aka One Fab Teacher has reached over 500 followers on Teachers Pay Teachers. I can remember when I first began this creating journey like it was yesterday. I would ask Aimee over at Primarily Speaking for suggestions and help. She never acted bothered by me, if she was she hid it VERY well. Thanks Aimee! This creating business has been a very hard road, but with faith, prayer, and dedication things have truly blossomed. I would google hpw tp create prooducts like crazy. I can remmeber getting my first payout and it was like $4. I was excited! Let's just say those payouts aren't $4 anymore. I'm grateful and so blessed. I appreciate and feel so humbled that people spend their hard earned money on my creations. It's such an amazing feeling. I'm not going to lie, I love hearing that TPT alert when someone has purchased a product or has left feedback. I always reply to all my feedback that I receive. I'm just so grateful words can't express. With that said, I just wanted to say, "Thank you TpT for creating this awesome community for educators to create, share, and explore ideas and activites. Thank you for creating this place where educators become excited when they find a product they've been looking for. Thank you for creating this place where educators LOVE searching for items to help them with lessons. Thank you for creating this place for educators to earn extra income to pay for car repairs, bills, save, etc. I just want to thank you! Lastly, I want to thank each and everyone of my followers on Teachers Pay Teachers. At this moment I have 526 fab love bugs supporting me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm having a sale this weekend. Everything in my store is 20% off. My One Fab Quote packet has been a super hit. I just added more quotes. So if you have already purchased this all you have to do is re-downoad. I've added quotes for the cafeteria staff, custodians, secretaries, paras, and counselors. I will continue to add to this packet as time goes by. I hope you all have a FAB weekend. Love you bunches!! -tiffany