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Weekly Teacher Planner

Hello, rays of sunshine! I pray everyone is well. Back to school is soon around the corner and I wanted to share with you the weekly teacher planner that I will use this year. Now, I type my lesson plans out and so the traditional lesson planner doesn't work for me. My planner that I use is more of a to-do list. I use this planner for both work and home. Check out the video below. Lots of ((HUGS)) to you all. 


Black Is Beautiful

Hello! I pray all is well and everyone is staying safe and healthy. Many of you have expressed from my previous couple of YouTube videos how you want to help support black history. I have created some posters of 19 amazing black leaders from the past and present. It breaks my heart how our history has been forgotten. My people went through some very difficult and even traumatizing situations during those times and even now. I believe these posters are a fabulous way to showcase Black History. It's important that ALL know about this history. It's been too long, it's time. Enough is Enough! Let's work together and make a change. Just click on the picture and it will lead you to these posters. I love you all!

One Fab Teacher Planner 2020-2021

Hello, my loves! Prayers all is well during these difficult times in our country and around the world. I would like to thank you so much for your support on my recent YouTube video regarding Black Lives Matter. I love the fact that we can come together and discuss these issues with racism in our country and world. I will continue to speak about this matter through my platforms. Much love to you all.

It's that time! Who doesn't LOVE a fabulous planner? I surely do and always look forward to a new one each year. I have brought my planner back with some revisions, but pretty much everything is the same. I love the simplicity of my planner and how you can make it as colorful as you would like or as non-colorful as you would like. I also LOVE the positivity throughout the planner too. I have quotes on every two-page spread calendar along wth quotes on lesson plan pages. 

There's over 200 pages in this file. You will receive a pdf version of both the forms and calendar pages along with a ppt (editable) version in case you want to insert text boxes and type in the information. If you click the preview page it will take you right to this fabulous planner. Happy planning friends!

Black Lives Matter

As I sit here and type, I'm deeply heartbroken and saddened by the death of George Floyd. As a black woman and teacher, I MUST speak up. This is NOT right and hasn't been right for hundreds of years. As an educator, I have experienced racism. I decided to share my truth on my Youtube platform. Please take the time to watch it when you have time. God bless! ((HUGS))


A Fab Digital Memory Book For Your Students

Hey loves! The time is near closing another school year. I can't believe I have three days left. It has truly been a fun, fab, crazy year! This one is definitely in the memory books. Like many of you, I love using some type of memory book with my students. It's great to have memories to look back on that make you smile. With this pandemic I wasn't able to give my students a memory book that they could work on throughout the last couple of weeks of school. So, I created a digital memory book for my precious Firsties. I've had many of their parents tell me how much they LOVE it! If your students or own personal children have a Google Classroom account they can definitely use this digital memory book. I also, feel this is a great way for parents to work together with their children. Here are a few pages for you to check out. Also, if you're interested just click any of the pictures and it will lead you to the product. Happy teaching friends!

 One Fab Digital Memory Book

This is the cover page and it's completely editable. Meaning your students can replace their name where you see my name. Also, on the front of the student desk they can type in their school.

 One Fab Digital Memory Book

This is where students can type in the most memorable part of the school year for them. They can also insert a photo too.

 One Fab Digital Memory Book

This is probably one of my favorite pages. I love knowing what advice they want to give. It makes me chuckle.

 One Fab Digital Memory Book

This is a fun page too. I created this page for students to place a picture of their teacher, teacher name, and all the info about them. This is a fun one too.

Directed Drawings on Youtube

Hello, blessings! I know this is such a very difficult time for everyone. As a teacher, the hardest thing for me has been not seeing my Firsties. Yes, I see them through our Flipgrids, Zoom meetings and Google Classroom. However, it's NOT the same as being in the classroom with them. The place where we formed trust and relationships. Something my Firsties love each month are directed drawings. They look forward to the new one each month and trying to better their drawings and coloring. So I've created a couple of them in the past on my Youtube channel in the past and I just added a couple more during this pandemic. Feel free to send the links to your kiddos for a brain break or just something for them to do to get their minds off things. I pray this post finds you all well. This too shall pass. God Bless!

Why I Dislike Behavior Clip Charts

Hey, ya'll! I pray you are well and blessed. Today I wanted to discuss why I dislike behavior clip charts. About a year ago I did a video about ditching the behavior clip chart. Ya'll when I tell you I dislike them, trust me. Yes, I was naive to this silly system during a long term sub position, because at the school that I was at that's what they did. I knew though after a while that this system SUCKED.  Many of you know my style of teaching. I'm not a yeller or mean. I teach with love, kindness, and firmness. It's very simple. This chart in my eyes is just another way to add more pressure to kids and lower their self-esteem. I created a video about it on my YouTube channel to share my thoughts. I believe in logical consequences when it comes to my classroom.  Take a look at my video below. Love you bunches!

One Fab Teacher Planner (2 versions)

Hello, my rays of sunshine! I can't believe that I only have 19 days of work left. Can I get an AMEN?! However, I'm going to miss my sweet little Firsties. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. Even though summer is coming it doesn't mean I'm not thinking about work. One thing I often think about before the next school year is my teacher planner. When I tell you that I LOVE teacher planners and just planners in general, I LOVE THEM! Last year I created a planner for myself. I've been inspired by so many planners that I've used that I decided to create my own. I just wanted to share with you a little about my planners. Yes, there's two versions of my planner.

This version of the planner has lesson plan boxes. I know many teachers still enjoy lesson plan boxes. What I love about both versions of this planner is the fact that you will have quotes throughout the planner to motivate and inspire you during the school year. Click on the pic and watch the video about this planner.

This version of the planner has a daily "to-do" list planning feel. Instead of using lesson plan boxes I type my plans on the computer and place them on my clipboard for the week. I love this version because each day I think about what I need to do for the next day and write it down.  Again, what I love about both versions of this planner, is the fact that you will have quotes throughout the planner to motivate and inspire you during the school year. Click on the pic and watch the video about this planner.