Why I Dislike Behavior Clip Charts

Hey, ya'll! I pray you are well and blessed. Today I wanted to discuss why I dislike behavior clip charts. About a year ago I did a video about ditching the behavior clip chart. Ya'll when I tell you I dislike them, trust me. Yes, I was naive to this silly system during a long term sub position, because at the school that I was at that's what they did. I knew though after a while that this system SUCKED.  Many of you know my style of teaching. I'm not a yeller or mean. I teach with love, kindness, and firmness. It's very simple. This chart in my eyes is just another way to add more pressure to kids and lower their self-esteem. I created a video about it on my YouTube channel to share my thoughts. I believe in logical consequences when it comes to my classroom.  Take a look at my video below. Love you bunches!

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