Just Checking In

Hey, lovebugs! I pray all is well with you. It's been a beautiful but yet tiring week for me. A week ago I had come to the decision that social media is just NOT for me. I have to be honest so many get caught up in the hype. You know, the likes, comments, subscribers, followers, etc. It's a sad reality. I created the video  "Goodbye To YouTube." If you have been on team Miss May then you know and understand how I have been dealing with this social media. Over the years I have had a love-hate relationship with social media. To make a looooooong story short I chose to let the other social media platforms of mine go and try YOUTUBE. I loved it and I enjoyed it. My ultimate goal has been to always help other educators and future educators. However, it started taking a toll on me and my career. I don't think many understand how difficult and how much time it takes to think of a video to create, create it, edit, and then upload. Teaching is my number one baby! I LOVE being a teacher even through all the drama that comes with it. Just like any job you will have your trials and your obstacles. What matters is how we handle them. I had decided to let YouTube go. It was a hobby. It was taking me away from my main focus and that's TEACHING. Nobody can do it all. Something or many things will suffer. I am truly happy with my decision and thankful that I listened to God as he spoke to me. I plan to leave my videos up because I want people to get as much information from them as they can. I'm not sure where God is going to lead me but I'm putting my trust in him for as long as I shall live. I plan to post more here on my blog and of course, products in my TPT store. Thank you all for rockin' with me and being so supportive.


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