Don't Forget To Always Pray

Hey loves! I just wanted to post this quote on this FABULOUS Monday morning on the blog today. I have received so many emails, comments on my Youtube channel, and questions in my Teachers Pay Teachers store about me returning to Instagram. The reason being is because they miss my positivity on there. It truly means so much to me to see those words on my computer screen. I probably won't ever return to Instagram, but I can post to my blog a daily quote. I miss spreading these quotes out and that was my purpose on social media. So with that said, this is my first post 2018 quote for you. I chose this quote to be the first quote because this is something my mother instilled in my brother and I. To simply pray. Not just pray for what you want, but pray for the good and the bad. Just don't talk to him when things go left. Talk to him even when things are right. I pray you all have a FABULOUS Monday! I LOVE YOU!!!

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