Teaching With Grace and Not Perfection

Hi ya'll! Hope you have had a blessed week. I can't believe today is April 1st. The school year has been flying by. As you know, I've been creating content for my YouTube channel. I felt the need to create a video about teaching with GRACE and not perfection. I'm not going to lie, I have a type A personality. I want everything neat and tidy and well organized and everything to run smoothly. Well that doesn't always work out that way. As I have grown as a person an educator, I've learned that there is NEVER going to be perfect everything! It's okay that your classroom doesn't look picture perfect every single day. It's okay if a lesson doesn't go quite the way you wanted it too. It's okay to burn rubber out of your building to get home and get some peace. Just check out the video below and see what I mean. Remember your BEST is what counts!Love ya'll!


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