Manequinn Challenge Ellen DeGeneres Style

I don't know about you all, but I LOVE seeing all the #mannequinchallenge over the internet and I LOVE me some Ellen DeGeneres! I LOVE how Ellen is such a KIND and POSITIVE human being, She does all that she can to try and help the world and make dreams come true. Oh, how I wish she could make my dreams come true with a new car. That's beside the point! She just makes people happy! The one out of many things about Ellen's show is that she always ends her show with, "Be Kind To One Another." I'm a true believer in KINDNESS and that's something I talk about daily with my little blessings. I truly believe it's the reason why I have won teacher of the year twice in two different districts. I establish a safe, fun, loving, and kind classroom every single year. Lord, knows that as teachers we spend such long hours and money into our classrooms. However, the success of each child is rewarding enough for me. I definitely, don't do this for the money.

I wanted to have my little blessings do the mannequin challenge by promoting being kind to one another. In the video you will see my blessings, hugging, playing Buzzin' With Kindness, giving high 5's, holding signs that say be kind to one another, and Filling Buckets by writing kind notes. These Firsties ROCKED it! Bless their hearts to be so young they did such a FAB job and I'm so PROUD of them! Enjoy the video!

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