Teachers Have Bad Days

Hey my FAB peeps! Let's face it, sometimes our career can SUCK! We all have those days where it's just not flowing. Sometimes it can be a week of it being a HOT MESS!! I'm here to give you a video about what you can do to help you get out of that awful negative place when it gets hard.
Just click on this picture to watch the video.

The quote my mother sent me. I LOVE it and it inspired my teacher quote page and my video. 

This is from my Plan On It planner page and I plan to refer to this page often for some inspiration. Let's face it, I personally can't do anything without MY LORD AND SAVIOR!

Don't forget to check out my channel and watch about this planner page! Have a FAB rest of the day!


  1. Can I just tell you how much I miss your Instagram posts! You were the sunshine in my scrolling! Miss you on there!

    1. You are so VERY kind! You can find me on YOUTUBE! I plan to spread as much positive vibes as I can.