Oh How I LOVE My Independent Firsties

Well hello my FAB peeps! Hope all is well for you and your loved ones. This evening before I go and work out with my sister n law I wanted to create a post. Tonight I'm posting about the beauty of when my Firsties gain such strong INDEPENDENCE in our classroom. You know after you're constantly reteaching and reteaching routines and procedures and you feel like they will NEVER get it. Then the DING happens. They GET IT!! I truly do cartwheels for my classes at the beginning of the year when I know they have truly mastered those routines and procedures.

How many of you in the past have gotten Mrs. Happy or Mr. Happy I'm done, what do I do now? Oh my gracious! Especially, when your in the middle of a conference with another precious soul, or even just walking around monitoring your whole class. Well about 5 years ago I started a I'm finished, Now What bulletin board. However, it wasn't as cutesy as this one now, but it got the job done. I thought I would share it with you all. All you have to do is place your choices somewhere in the classroom. I never place it by my teacher desk or small group area. Before the choices go up, I do like to introduce them little by little. I NEVER want them to feel overwhelmed and I'm not a fan of just having stuff up without a purpose. Then as a class we practice modeling independence and modeling not being independent. Of course, we model the right way again. It sticks to those cute little brains. :) If you click the photo below it will lead you to the right place. ENJOY creating those independent scholars. Off to working out I go! Love and ((HUGS))


  1. Love this idea for little ones :)

    I need to create something similar for my middle schoolers!

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

    1. Thank you Anisa! I think something like this would be FAB for middle schoolers. :)