Dear Remind, Thank You!

Dear Remind (formerly known as remind 101),

You have given me the opportunity to communicate with my Firstie parents even more these last 3 years. I've been a teacher for 12 years now and I feel that I'm pretty FAB with my parent communication. These past three years your company has made it even more FAB for myself and my Firstie families.

I am CONSTANTLY using your app to communicate with my parents. Yes, I send emails, make phone calls, and conference, but this is an added bonus. I send my parents remind texts on a regular basis. Library is tomorrow, picture day, conferences, open house, carnival, spelling tests, homework, etc. You name it and I remind parents about it. Not only do I remind my parents about these things, but I try my best to take a photo of something we are doing at that moment in class and send. My parents LOVE and I mean LOVE how I do this. Parents have said, "Miss May thank you for sharing this I was having such a hard day." I even take "usies" with kiddos and send to parents individually.

Thank you for allowing me to have a one on one text conversation with parents. I don't mind giving my cell number. but I like your app because you keep the history of conversations. Below are some snapshots of how I use your amazing app!

So this is where I took a photo through your app to show my Firstie parents what we were working on during writing workshop during that particular day. They were persuading me to give them 30 minutes of free time. They did awesome with this too! So of course, they received it.

We just had an AWFUL storm yesterday where it flooded pretty bad. I wanted my parents to text me when their Firstie arrived safely home yesterday. They did and I did as well. Thank you Lord everyone was safe.

Here I just wanted to wish my parents a Happy Mother's Day. I don't send reminds just Monday through Friday, but even Saturday and Sunday too. :)

This is another idea where I reminded my parents to ask their Firstie about something we are learning about.

Sending parents our short e and long e sort.

Remind as you can see, I LOVE your app. It's such a FAB way to communicate with families and building those POSITIVE relationships with them. As the year slowly comes to an end (3 days left). I'm very grateful for the relationships I have built with my parents this year as well. THANK YOU Remind for your FAB app!

Miss May

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