Houston We Had A Problem

It has been a CRAZY week! This time last week I was mentally preparing for my up and coming week with my Firsties. Well my city was hit with a TERRIBLE storm! It was thundering, lightening, and hailing like crazy!!! All night I just knew school was going to be cancelled, When it rains cats and dogs the flooding can be RIDICULOUS!! So to make a long story short, school was cancelled Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and by Wednesday afternoon it was decided to cancel school for the remainder of the week. Some of our schools in my district were damaged a bit. :( However, we return back to work tomorrow.

I will say that my family and I were blessed to not have any damage. My brother and his family lost power for about 4 hours, but that's about it. I know some who didn't have power most of the week and had to stay with family. During the week there would be times would I would try and feel weary about things, but I would feel better when I would journal.

This is so true! God truly is ALWAYS with us,

I ask that you please keep my city in your prayers as we continue to clean up from this awful storm. Have a blessed Sunday!

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  1. Prayers for your city! ... cute journal. I currently teach prek and have been wondering if I should get into elementary teaching. People always say teachers get low pay but I love kids and don't really like working in an office. But I don't want to be broke :/ . Any advice? Love your blog!