You are truly an ALLStaar Teacher

Hey peeps! Tomorrow and Wednesday are some of the MOST important days here in the great state of Texas this year. As I'm sure many of you are familiar with state testing (which I personally think stinks). I can remember when I taught third grade for 5 years it was called TAKS. Now the new name is STAAR. Let's be honest testing can be stressful on teachers and students. I CAN'T STAND IT!! In my eyes a test doesn't define what a child is always capable of. However, I won't open up my soap box on this right now. I just was thinking today about what I could do for our FAB 4th and 5th grade teachers who bust their tail feathers daily to educate these kiddos and prep them for this AWESOME (sike) test! As my brain was flowing it came to me to just keep it sweet and simple Miss May. That's what I did. I grabbed my cards, favorite pens and began writing positive notes.My plan is to have these sealed in envelopes and taped to their computer screens in the morning. Oh how I LOVE being KIND. Even when I'm tired, cranky, irritated, and overwhelmed. Nothing like making others feel good. So what do you all do to spread positivity to peeps in your school prepping for state mandated test? Have a FAB Tuesday!

I bought these cards after the new year when they were literally $3.00 and some pocket change. Plus I used my teacher discount and 40%. Totally winning!! I LOVE my Illustrated Faith pen and Staedtler Pens too!!

This was before I finished writing 14 personal notes. I'm pooped but it was so worth it!


  1. Awe, Tiffany! I just love all of your positive ways and vibes! Thanks for the reminder of how to be there for others.

    Miss you on IG...


  2. Oh my sweet Janice! You will ALWAYS make me smile!! Love and ((HUGS))