I Got 99 Problems....

As I post this tonight I think about the struggles that teachers who TRULY care about their students and what they go through. Let me just post a few examples;

You're too nice.
You care too much.
Those parents aren't getting that from me.
That's too much.
Why are you doing that?
They aren't going to get that warm and fuzzy from me. 

Need I say more? This is just to name a few and the list could go on and on. It use to bother me, but I have realized that these are the DEBBIE DOWNERS that I have talked about in the past. You see God has given me this gift. This gift to care about kids and their lives. Yes their education too, but their lives, who they are as a human beings. Many won't understand the kind of teacher that I am and frankly, I DON'T CARE. My students and their parents know. I love who I have become as an educator. At the end of the day my students from the last 12 years can say, "Miss May truly cared about me." #enoughsaid 
God Bless and goodnight.

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