Directed Drawings Make Make Me Smile

Happy Monday love bugs! It's been a looooong but successful day. I wanted to share with you all my LOVE for Jennifer from First Grade Blue Sky's Directed Drawings. They just make me smile and they turn out so cute and kid friendly when completed. I decided to take her Frankenstein one and name him Crankenstein.

I read the FAB book Crankenstein to my Firsties and then we created a directed drawing. After our drawings we wrote a sentence about what makes us cranky. They turned out so stinkin' cute! Of course, Miss May had to create one too. Take a look at the photos!

This book is so darn cute!

I wrote how if I don't get enough ((HUGS)) from my niece and nephews I become cranky.

I LOVE hanging their FAB work. 

I become cranky when...I am so so hungry and when my brother fights with me and when he takes my toys. 

I become cranky when...Somebody says something mean to me.

Lastly, my parent teacher conferences went well today. Let's be honest with ALL the hard work we do as educators, it really feels FAB when your appreciated. It also makes you feel pretty CRANKY when we are unappreciated. Tonight I go to bed GRATEFUL and HUMBLE. God bless you all and goodnight.


  1. Love it! and Love you! Can't wait to do this with my firsties! xxoo, Diane

  2. Hi~

    Glad I came to your blog!
    I have missed you on instagram and periscope. So happy your are well and still updating here.

    Love this cute!