God Gave Me The Strength

Hey loves!! Always remember that GOD will give you the strength that you need. I was battling letting go of social media. By the strength from God and the encouragement from my brother and mother I let it go. I believe in my heart that this was the BEST decision for me. I TRUST and BELIEVE this. Trust you gut, it NEVER fails you.

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  1. I don't know how i came across your tubes, but I am ever so thankful. God has used your platforms to minister deeply to my life. He used it to show me that though i thought I was putting him first, I have not even begun to put him first in teaching. You have taken your love for God to another level in your career. How absolutely awesome! I have been drinking in this thing and loving every moment. Now if I could only find your email. Prior to your videos, I was feeling like I was drowning..and yet loving God, and wanting desperately to please him with every fiber of my being in it. I am grateful for him showing me someone who is also trying but trying just a little bit harder. To God be the glory!