Dear Social Media,

Dear Social Media,

It has been a long time coming. A long time to say goodbye. You have taken my time away from my Heavenly Father, my loved ones, and my career. You can be a good networking tool, but at the same time you have taken way TOO much of my time. I'm checking my social accounts first thing in the morning versus giving God the glory for waking me up another morning.This is sad. I wasn't sure how many handled you with significant others and children. I was STRUGGLING as a single woman with NO children.

Let's be real the number of followers excites us all, along with likes, retweets, and comments we receive. I'm over it. I have done my best to try and help along with inspire others but I have to keep myself  HAPPY as well. Social media you have changed many lives and continue. I refuse to be that changed person.

The number of likes, retweets, comments, and re-posts don't validate me as a person or as a teacher.


  1. I was so bummed when I couldn't find your IG this morning. I have been having such a tough time with my first 3 days this school year that I wanted to read all of your inspirational quotes to remind myself of why I teach. Just know that even though IG took a lot of time from you that you put endless smiles on my face and encouraged me when I was having difficult day at work. Your positivity and your smile will be missed Miss May!
    Sending you lots of love!
    Vannessa (fancyinfirst)

    1. Hi Vanessa! Your sweet comment has warmed my heart tremendously! Just always remember that GOD put you in this position because you were chosen and he knew you could do it. I'm sending you FAB internet (((( HUGS)))))

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    1. Love you too BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE my sweet Piercen shirt too!!