It's Fab Teacher Planner: Erin Condren Style

Hey LOVE bugs!! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. I definitely am, but it feels like it's flying by so fast!! I really need to take a chill pill and relax before this new year comes.

So many of you know that I'm a HUGE Erin Condren fan! Her style in all things pretty is right up my alley. I've collaborated with them before, so when the FAB Sam reached out again (hey Sam) and  asked if I would be willing to review their new teacher planner. I was honored and didn't hesitate with my YES! So here I am writing a review about this FAB product. I have LOTS of pictures below so enjoy!

So this is what was sent to me.

If you click on each title it will take you right to that product. If you click on the picture it will take you straight to their website. 

NOW LET"S LOOK INSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So as you can see, the inside cover has these beautiful chalk like apples. ADORBS. I really LOVE the cover page. It really feels teachery. This is a place where you can write in your name, school, school year, etc. Personally I will probably put a FAB quote here. :)

This section is a two page spread for important dates and holidays. This was in the previous teacher planner. However, it looks a lot cleaner and brighter.

This page has changed a bit and I LOVE it!!! This two page spread is great for all your student birthdays. In years past I've written student birthdays, teammate birthdays and others in the school building. Nothing better than feeling acknowledged on your born day!

All throughout the teacher planner is a FAB quote for more encouragement and positivity. Just what I LOVE! Spreading Kindness everywhere we go.

So right after the FAB quote you get a two page monthly spread. This is where the colorful date dots come in handy. You could write your numbers in the circle or you could use the colorful date dot stickers. (I prefer the stickers)

You have a absentee section. I realize that with technology we can search for this information. I just like the idea of writing this info down because it's quick and easy access for me. 

This is the substitute section. This is the ONLY thing I don't like about this planner. I use my EC PLANNER daily and it stays with me like my BIBLE does. So I wouldn't leave this for my sub. 

This section is the lesson planner page. I use to just write my plans in the boxes but I discovered an awesome way to print my plans on sticky notes. Thanks to the awesome Tami from Oh So Blessed. PLEASE watch her YouTube video on how she preps her lessons for the week using sticky notes. I promise you won't regret it. :)

Now this happens to be my FAVORITE part of the planner. I LOVE checklist. Mind you every year I order extra of these to be added to my teacher planner.

I'm such a HUGE fan of graph paper. My principal a few years ago introduced me to this paper for  taking notes. I love the new touch they added to the corner of the pages. It almost looks as if an artistic student created them.

Cool for school sticker book. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Take a look at some of the awesome stickers included. Such a nice added touch that you can add to your cart with your planner. 

This is a FAB dashboard of stickies that I JUST love!!!!

This is exactly what it's meant for. To keep it all together!!! This folder comes with a front pocket and a back pocket. Behind this is a plastic sleeve where you can store your class list.

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know how I am about my pens. Love me a good writing pen. Let's face it though, all teachers LOVE a good pen!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to review. I have given my honest opinion.

Now time for you to go and shop! When you make your first purchase at
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