Greeting Those Kiddos Every Morning With YouTubeOnRepeat

Hey love bugs! Can I just say that I am so LOVING #periscope!! I have really appreciated all of these FAB ideas from FAB teachers. I really feel like it should be counted as professional development. I mean come on! Well I did a scope on "Bucket Filling" and I mentioned how important it is for me to be standing in my entryway of my classroom, greeting my Firsties every morning. I'm so positively sure that MANY do, but I'm also positively sure that MANY don't. Along with greeting my Firsties I play the "Good Morning" song by Mandisa. OH MY GOODNESS can I tell you how much they LOVE and I mean LOVE hearing this song in the morning? I will be totally HONEST. Most of them come in dancing, smiling, and singing along. This makes Miss May's heart SUPER HAPPY.

This is where YouTubeOnRepeat comes in. In the past I was able to download itunes and just play the song and repeat it. Unfortunately, I'm able to do that now. So I found YouTubeOnRepeat. This stops you from having to interrupt your "happy" greetings to replay your song. You must make sure that you click on the correct link. 

Here's the awesome song that I mentioned and play EVERY single morning for the kiddos. Thank you Mandisa for helping us get our feel good on! Enjoy!!


  1. I'm so glad you turned me on to youtubeonrepeat! It makes our mornings much more pleasant. I can give my kiddos a handshake and they are still welcomed by some beautiful music.

    Sparkly Smiles,

    1. YAY!!! I'm so glad to here this Carol! I JUST LOVE ME some YOUTUBEONREPEAT!!

  2. please tell me that you have a classroom playlist with all of your favorites ... PLEASE :) :)