Hey love bugs! Happy Sunday! Man these days are going by so fast. I can't believe school is almost out. 28 days (but whose counting?) hehe. As many of you know classroom management is one of my strong points. I'm a teacher who believes in showing students empathy and compassion. I don't care about a child's economic status. I just care about how they feel. It's important for me to let my students know that I love them and care about them. We know that when it becomes the end of the school year teachers become VERY tired, weary, and cranky. The same goes for our kiddos. So it's important to keep that routine and positivity going until the end. It's so worth it. So many people ask me if I give everyone a note and YES, I do! Nobody goes left out when I give a positive praise. Yes, I do give students individual encouragement as well. Let's face it some do deserve that extra praise too. However, when it's a note that is for everyone then everyone gets that same note. Usually, it's a note letting them know how FAB they are, or how glad I am that they are in my class. :)

These are going out on desks tomorrow morning. I LOVE my weekends, but I do miss them over the weekend and wonder what they're up to. :)

Click on this photo if you're interested in my I just want you to know slips. :)

Dry Erase markers are used a lot in my room. This is so easy and quick to do. The best part is that it cleans off so easy. :) Each kiddo received this message on their desks last week. Each one of them are my favorites. :) 

I was happy for Friday and I know they were too. :)

My new mug from The Night Owl is perfect for me and all that I LOVE and believe in. Teaching truly does start from the heart. I just LOVE my new mug and can't wait to use it. If you haven't checked out The Night Owl's webiste you are mising out. So much cute and fun teacher goodies. I just LOVE it when companies think about us. Yay!! Go check out the site, you won't regret it.

Have a blessed and FAB week love bugs. 

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