Hey friend, let's be partners!

Hey fab friends! Hope everyone has had a FAB Monday! Mine was pretty good. Even though I had a four day weekend. I choose to take some days off while Mama Bear was in town. Oh how I miss her already!

So lately I've been in the creating mood. You know sometimes I have NO clue what I'm going to create and then my creative bulb brightens and BAM! LOL So I wouldn't call myself a guru of classroom manangement, but I will say that I'm pretty known for it. Something I've been doing for when I pick partners for activities is partner cards. It's a quick and easy technique. All you do is pass out as many cards you need just make sure you have matches. Once you pass out the cards tell your kiddos to go and find their match. The person they find with the same card becomes their partner. Simple, easy peasy, lemon squeezy. I plan on creating many more! Enjoy these two for now. Click on the pictures.

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