Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

What an awesome day we had today! My Firsties and I celebrated Dr. Seuss and his birthday today. As a first grade team we decided instead of doing dad's and donuts, we would celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday with parents. Boy was it FAB! I first began by hanging a balloon next to each one of my kiddos table spots. When they walked in (the looks on their faces were #priceless). They were so excited about it. Once parents arrived I explained what the plan was and we began, crafting and eating. We did the hot air balloon activity Oh The Places You'll Go. After that we made our cat in the hat snack. Which consisted of bananas, strawberries, and grapes. It was pretty yummy. Thank you #pinterest. We also read many Dr. Seuss books today and created a directed drawing of Cat in The Hat. I saw this on Pinterest that was linked back to the "Fab"
Jennifer at First Grade Blue Skies.Towards the end of the day we each wrote on our balloon and wrote to Dr. Seuss where we wanted to go in life and be when we grow up. Super Precious!!! Then we went outside and released them. It was awesomesauce! One of my Firsties said, "Miss May we should sing Happy Birthday to him." So we did! More pictures to come tomorrow! This teacher is pooped!

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