Measurement Mayhem

Hey fab readers! We have been very busy in Firstie world with measurement. Before I begin a new skill I love introducing it with an anchor chart or two. I use them the whole time I teach and then post them in our classroom for reference purposes. Measurement has been our focus in math this past week and for the next couple of days. Below are some pictures of what we did last week,
Of course, I had to create an anchor chart for my Firstie's. In first grade we don't discuss or measure with a ruler. However, it doesn't hurt them knowing and seeing a ruler and how it measures things. We measure using a variety of units. For example; teddy bears, paperclips, pencils, markers, tiles, etc, I allowed my Firsties to choose any two items from our classroom and they had to measure them with teddy bears and unifix cubes. I often let them write on their desks, They love it! We do lots of discussing on why these items we measure have different length length values.Sometimes we just don't want to use pencil and paper.

As you will see in the photos we also went outside and measured each other. Each Firstie was paired with a buddy and they had to measure each other using markers and pencils. We compared our lengths and why maybe one unit made our lengths longer or shorter than the other. It was such a beautiful day outside to do this activity too. :)

As always thank you for stopping by and showing love. It's GREATLY appreciated!

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