Grandma Pearl (100th Day of School)

Hey Fab supporters! I wanted to share with you our fabulous 100th day of school celebration. So I'm at a new school in a new district and my Grandma Pearl wanted to come and visit my precious Firsties. She hears me talk about them all the time. (wink) The new fab school that I'm at has the Kinders dress up in a shirt with 100 objects and the Firsties are asked to dress up like old people. It was simply cute! So if your not following me on Instagram or you don't have one you missed my current posts of Grandma Pearl. She had a BLLLAASSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So this is Grandma Pearl getting her outfit ready the night before. She's just so darn cute!

This is Grandma Pearl thanking all the Firstie parents for allowing her grand baby to teach their chiren. :)

This precious fella was really explaining to Grandma Pearl how we run our classroom. :) This makes my heart happy.

If you don't listen or watch Tour The States on YouTube, you must. This is our new clean up jam! :)

Fisrtie Cutie Pie 1

Firstie Cutie Pie 2

Firstie Cutie Pie 3

Firstie Cutie Pie 4

Firstie Cutie Pies 4 and 5. Grandma Pearl was so excited to meet the twins. :)

Firstie Cutie 6

Grandma Pearl and her new and dear friend Grandma Claire. They enjoyed them schools at the FAB school, but boy were they pooped by 3. 

At the end of the day each Firstie received a 100th Day certificate. What a FAB way to celebrate. Thanks for stopping!

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