Blog Exchange With Learning to Be Awesome

Nothing like collaborating with other teachers who LOVE what they do like you do. I was so excited to be part of this blogger exchange created by Erin at Learning To Be Awesome. Erin I would like to THANK YOU for setting up this exchange. It was fun and I enjoyed my partners goodies. So I was paired up with Melinda King at Tales of the Sassy Teacher. I decided to choose Melinda's awesome sight word fluency game called, Loopy Loop. This game is FABULOUS! I'm always trying to find ways to help my students become fluent with their sight words. This game is definitely a WINNER in my book. Simple, quick, and fun! All you do is print, laminate, cut, and play! The goal of the game is for one person to collect 10 words. Getting a Loopy Loop card sends your sight words back into the bag. :( I taught a group of my kiddos and they taught the rest of the class. This is definitely a keeper!! Thank you Erin and Melinda! ((HUGS))

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