#hashtag Teacher Wishes

I decided to create a linky party on Instagram (thank you to those who participated) and it was called #teacherwishes. Many if not all teachers all over the world have a wish or two. If only they all came true. LOL!! I read MANY fab wishes shared by my IG teacher buddies. I loved them all.  I thought I would share mine with you all.

1. My first wish is to have a lifetime supply of ink and laminating pouches. As a teacher I find myself creating or purchasing items that need a colored printer. I really use the color ink for the different games I use in my classroom or certificates I hand out . Lets be honest and real this stuff looks so much better in color. I'm so thankful for my schools PTO, they laminate anything for us and cut it out. However, sometimes you need something at the drop of a dime or the very next day. This is when my personal laminator comes in handy. I LOVE laminating and cutting stuff out. It's almost like relaxing. Anyway, you must have laminating pouches in order to laminate. Thank goodness for amazon and the amazing deals they have for these.

2. Many know that I'm a teacher who shows EXTREME empathy for her students. Every single child in my classroom knows that I truly care about them. Even when I began teaching 10 years ago that very first class of mine knew it as well. I shared this one particular photo on my Instagram a couple of weeks ago. I think it's important for others to see how much of a difference you can make by showing children you care. This former student of mine who is now a freshman had this sent to me and boy did it bring tears of joy to my eyes. 

3. I know this will NEVER happen. However, a girl can wish right?! I would just love to have a half day or full day once a week or once a month without ANY interruptions. I mean no kids in the room, meetings, emails, phone calls, etc. Just me and my room organizing and planning away. Sometimes this job becomes sooooo overwhelming with paperwork, this, and that. You just need a day to regroup. 

There you go Miss May's #teacherwishes. Have a FAB Sunday!

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