Tears of Joy

Hello to all my FAB readers! I hope all is well with you this evening. I decided to do a post tonight on the power of making children feel special and loved. I have to admit this teaching thing is in my blood. 10 years ago when I started my journey, I knew I wanted to be that teacher who showed empathy. A lack of empathy in a classroom can make for a trying school year. 

I've always been that teacher who wanted ALL of her students to feel loved. I could've care less about their race, how rich or poor, or where they come from. ( and still don't) My love for them is true and genuine. I've mentioned many times how I show my students how much I care about them. One of those ways is a quick love note. 

Once a week I make sure to write EVERY student in my class a love note. Guess what? It costs me NOTHING!! All I do is grab some sticky notes, a sharpie and the magic happens. Sometime they get love notes first thing in the morning, while they're at lunch, or when they're at large group. The point is that I want them to receive them when they least expect it. 

So I know you're wondering about the tears of joy? Well I received a very sweet email this evening, (one that melted my heart.) One of my Fab Firstie parents sent me a message letting me know what she posted on Facebook and all the responses she received. Take a look.

Ya'll this is what it's all about. Yes, our kiddos in this world must know this and that. However, they must know that their teacher cares. So on a day where my head was pounding this bit of sunshine started easing the pain. 

((Hugs)) FAB READERS!!

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