Children Can Never Have Too Much Encouragement

Hi fab readers!! I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for not posting in a VERY long time. With transitioning into my new school and new district I've been one BUSY BEE!!! I'm moving backwards. I wanted to do a whole classroom reveal and share my experience this far. However, that will be my next post. :)

Classroom management is one of my gifts when it comes to teaching. Since my first year of teaching 10 years ago, my principal always used me as the mentor teacher for classroom management and environment. I'm a FIRM yes, FIRM believer in creating a warm, safe, fun, caring classroom environment. It's our home away from home so it must feel this way. At the beginning of the year I always create my Bucket Filler board and then I roll with it all year long. Take a look at the photos and if you're not following me on Instagram make sure you are. @oneFAB_teacher. I plan to post MANY photos of my new fab journey! Enjoy!

This is my bucket filler board. The posters are FREE in my TPT store. They come in brights and primary colors. This is one of my best freebies yet. Each student has their own labeled bucket and they are allowed to filled each others buckets when work is completed.

Here is an example of my brights.

Here is an example of a primary color poster.

I wrote an example of a bucket filler slip for my sweet little Firsties. This is a great reminder for them on how to fill someone's bucket. It won't come right away, but it does get better with time and practice.

I think interactive writing is one of my favorite times of the day. We wrote about what a bucket filler is. They were awesome and so precious helping me write this. 

This is an anchor chart that we created as a class. The only part premade what the Bucket Fillers cloud. We discussed after reading a variety of bucket filler books. 

Here are some examples of how they filled my bucket. Makes my heart super happy.

In my ten years of teaching I always make sure to have a positive on each child's desk once a week. I do the mornings first thing and sometimes I do it in the middle of the day when they aren't with me. :) It's been a great addition that I added to my career and I plan to NEVER stop. These children can NEVER have too much encouragement. As you can see above a closeup of what each sticky note says. I think a handwritten note means so much more than just typing something cute and printing it. I think it's cute and thoughtful, I just believe this sticks a little bit more. :)

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