Kindness Is The Bomb Dot Com

Would you agree? To me there's nothing more amazing than making others feel good and vice versa. Now I'm really big on classroom management and creating a safe and loving environment for my students to learn freely and take risks. Yes, I enjoy teaching our required curriculum, but I love teaching kindness and behavior management. I decided that I needed something for my students that I could use throughout the whole year. So I created my new packet, Kindness Is The Bomb Dot Com. :) Now my niece Chloe wants to be a teacher most days and each and every time I see her she wants play school. Lately shes been talking about being a lawyer as well. Oh to have dreams, I LOVE it!. As we were playing school the other day I asked Chloe a few questions about bucket fillers and bucket dippers. She just MELTS Aunt Tiffy's heart.

Here's a color sheet I included in my packet.

This it all finished. :)

Here's a sort sheet in the packet.

Here's my little student hard at work. :)

TaDA!!! All finished!! I just heart this sweet girl so much! 

Just click on the picture below if you would like to download. Happy Sunday night loves and have a blessed rest of the week.

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