Nothing Like A Fab Room Mom

Hi love bugs!! It's been a nice smooth summer so far. I've been relaxing so much and it's feeling oh so good. I know the last day of school was nearly two weeks ago but I wanted to share with you what I did for my "FAB" room mom. Now we know room moms can be so awesome and VERY helpful when it comes to prepping and planning parties, making sure we have the essentials we need, etc. In my 9 year career EVERY year and I mean EVERY year I have had awesome room moms. They have helped me out so much and it really makes a difference and means a whole lot! Well I'm a fan of creating goodies and cuteness for those that I love and it was a must that my room mom receive some type of awesomeness for her hard work.

So here's what I did. I went to one of my favorite stores "Hobby Lobby" and bought a flower pot, paint, craft sticks, and foam flowers. I painted the flower pot white and let that dry. As that was dry I called each one of my firsties up and did their thumb print in yellow. As I had them press down on the pot with their thumb I made sure to write their name next to it. I didn't want to get any thumbs mixed up. Next, I added the remainder of the details of the bee with black sharpie. I then added yellow butcher paper and craft sticks with the foam flowers hot glued on. Then of course I had to write, Thank you for "BEE"ing one FAB room mom. Let's just say she LOVED it!!! Mrs. Aguilar THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for being so awesome! I love you!! Hope you all have a fab Friday! Tootles!

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