My Firsties End of The Year Gift 2014'

I can't believe we only have 5 days left together. I'm really going to miss my precious, sweet, A D O R A B LE firsties. It's been a great year with them. I must admit I become really attached to my classes every year. Yes, I'm the teacher crying like a baby before I hand out awards, thanking parents, and just looking at their sweet faces. Amazed at how far they have come. =)

So it's time to create something to remember me and their first grade year by. Last year I used wordle and created the AWESOME name posters that are all over Pinterest. I wanted something different this time and decided to go with this idea. I always want my students to know how much they mean to me and how much they will be missed. So I took one of my photo booth props (the famous mustache) and had my students take a photo with it. Loaded them in powerpoint and created the ultimate question. Miss May I mustache you, what will you miss about me? Then I printed them. After I printed them I used a black sharpie and hand wrote 10 things I will miss about them, I ended each one with #10 You being a firstie and I Love you (insert name) Love Miss May. I hope they LOVE it just as much as I did creating it. They have NO idea what I'm doing these photos. Hehe

Thought I would share my idea with you all in case your in need of an idea. Have a fab weekend love bugs!

Sorry about the lighting in my photos. They are so cute in person. The picture just doesn't do it any justice. ;)

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