Making Memories Erica Bohrer Style

Happy Sunday Friends!! Praise The Lord we have tomorrow off! I don't know about you, but this Firstie teacher is POOPED!! I can't believe the year is finally coming to an end. (SAD FACE) The whole year seemed to have ZOOOOOOMED by, but these last few weeks seem to have been very sloooooooooooow.

With that said, for the last couple of years I have used the sweet Erica Bohrer's End of The Year Memory Book. I love memory books! Especially, if they're worth the time and effort to complete. Let me just tell you this packet is soooooooooooooooooooooo worth the money. In the past I felt like if you've seen one memory book, you've seen them all. I must admit this one is pretty unique to say the least. Erica has also made it editable. I'm a HUGE fan of this sweet chica so basically, anything I buy from her I'm NEVER disappointed. I've been taking my time with these. I let my kiddos do two pages every other day and we started about two weeks ago. Click on the first picture and it will link you right to this product on TPT.

So here's some of my Firstie's cover pages. As you can see I was able to type in each of their names to make it a little more personable. I wanted to share with you a couple of my girl versions and a couple of my boy versions. My boys love coloring just as much as my girls. I've instilled the best way that I can, how important it is that they take pride in their work. I'm one PROUD teacher!

I like this page because you can either have your students draw a picture of you, or you can take a #selfie of yourself and print them for your kiddos. I must admit my Firstie's LOVED that I gave them a picture of myself. They are so darn PRECIOUS! Along with a picture they had to write a sentence or two about me. They know how to melt their teachers heart. 

Even when I have a hard day or I'm feeling a bit down. I try to never ever show it to my kiddos, because they don't deserve that. I think I did a pretty good job at staying positive. Well at least according to this sweet guy!

We definitely got our learning on!! I LOVE this page of the memory book. I'm going to miss these sweet peas. It always amazes me how much they really do remember.

Filling buckets is VERY important in my classroom and we definitely did plenty of that!

So there you have it a sneak peek at what we've been doing in our memory books. If your looking for a FAB memory book, please go and check our Erica's TPT page. 

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