Being Mindful On Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my A M A Z I N G mama bear! I have to be honest I'm NOT a fan of this day that man has created , yes Mother's Day. I believe Mother's Day should be everyday and not just celebrated on a particular Sunday in May. My mother has Mother's Day everyday. Being that I live a pretty respectful, happy, good life, we talk on a daily basis and YES my mama bear is given love on a daily basis. I truly believe this kind of day can open wounds and hurt feelings. Many no longer have their mothers, don't speak to them, can't speak to them for various reasons, or just don't have a really good relationship with them. This can be so hard for people to deal with during this day. I have to admit that BOTH yes, BOTH of my parents are going through such a thing and it breaks my heart. I respectfully won't list the reason why this day is hard for the both of them, but I will say that I thank God, that they have each other, my brother and I, along with their amazing grandbabies.

Mama Bear even though you know and I tell and show you everyday how much I LOVE you. I don't need this one day out of the year to have me show you how much I love and appreciate you. You're such a fab mom, a fab wife, a fab YiaYia (grandma), you're just FABULOUS!! You are THEBOMB.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!


So inspired by Pinterest, my team and I decided on these Mother's Day gifts for our Firsties to create. Their hands were painted and we added ribbon to make the bouquet look like it was bunched together. So stinkin' cute. I made sure my Firsties created a card as well. I'm sure there will be some happy mommies on this day. 


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