An Organized Desktop Wallpaper

Hi love bugs! I'm in a very organizing mood today when it comes to my PC. Yes, I'm naturally an OCD person when it comes to being organized. I'm not a fan of feeling chaotic. When your going through this thing we call life, it's good to be organized. How many of you have icons all over the place on your desktop of you PC or MAC? It was driving me crazy! I had so many icons here there and everywhere that I didn't get a chance to really enjoy my wallpaper background. So I decided to create an organized desktop wallpaper. Before I created this cutie I was searching the internet on how people organized their desktops and BOOM I ran across Charity's blog. She has an awesome easy video tutorial. So I created mine with power point and saved it as a picture. After saving it as a picture, I right clicked on it and saved it as a desktop background and arranged my icons as my heart desired. If your interested in the look or creating your own head over to Charity's blog, The Organized Classroom Blog

Click on the link below to see how to create your own organized desktop look.

Thanks Charity for creating this video!!

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