A Little Research, Thank You Mrs. Lemons

Hi love bugs! It's that time of year! I don't know about you but, I can tell you there is no tired like a teacher tired during this time of the year. I'm mentally and physically exhausted, but I must keep pressing on for my Firsties. I can't believe only 7 days left.

So for the last few weeks we have focused on research with non-fiction texts. I tell you my kiddos just love non-fiction books! We've discussed it, reviewed it, done it, and discussed it more. After doing a couple of research projects together I decided it was time to set them free. It was time for them to try research on their own for a bit. I started off by checking out tons of animal books from our library. I just grabbed all that I could and a huge variety. I laid them out on the tables and told them that they were just going to spend a few moments looking through all the books. I informed them not to keep a book, but to just explore and decide on a couple in their minds that they might want to get. After about 5 minutes of exploring I brought them back to the carpet. To make things "fair" I chose kiddos from my Melonheadz Pick Me Sticks. As I called one up they were allowed to go and make one book choice. I did this until everyone had a book. Praise Jesus everyone was happy with their choices. (Now you undesratnd why I told them to have a couple in their minds that they may want) I will admit my firsties love to color so I started day one with just allowing them to create a picture of their animal. We discussed adding detail and of course, "5 Star Coloring." Day two consisted of actual reading about their animal of choice and doing research. Thank you Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade for the awesome research freebie template. I only had my kiddos complete four sections, but Amy had four or five more you could add. Take a look at their FABULOUS work! I'm one proud teacher! Time to relax! Yeah right! So much to do in so little time. =)