Happy Friday to all!! Hope everyone's week went well. Mine flew by!!!!!!!!!!! As I'm sitting on my laptop surfing some of my favorite blogs I've noticed that I'm still able to see the blogs that I follow with Google Reader. So my question to you all is...What was the point in flying over to bloglovin'? Is it me or nothing has changed with google reader? My favorite blogs that I follow show up on my reading list and I'm able to follow blogs through google reader. I'm just confused because I feel like I have too much of this and that going on. Can anyone explain, help, or even guide me? Have a fab weekend! I plan to post more this weekend after some much needed rest. Tootles!

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  1. Wow, your Google Reader still works?! Mine showed the blogs I followed, but it didn't show up in the "feeder." I was really bummed when Google Reader went away...but I do love Blog Lovin' and my favorite part of this feeder is how we can see the actual blog post.