Oh What A Night...Open House Style

Mercy! I am pooped!! It has been a busy, fun, crazy week! Next week is spring break!!! Can a teacher get an AMEN?!! Tonight was Open House at my school (and yes it's in the spring and growing up yes, I remember having it in the fall) anyway, we have it during this time every year and we roll with it. I had a very good turn out. It's always a pleasure to see parents come and be involved in their child's education. It really melts my heart. I told my sweet Firsties that this was their chance to show off our room and all their fabulous work. I told them I wasn't going to explain anything to parents, because they were the star not me. = ) They were so eager to show off their awesomeness. Well I took a few photos of what I did for Open House.

On Monday we celebrated Dr. Seuss and his birthday (which was March 2). I simply LOVE Dr. Seuss books and my Firsties do to. Dr. Seuss was a true believer in people believing in themselves and being happy with who they are. I often talk to my kiddos about how important it is to be happy with who they are and not trying to be someone else. I found this awesome idea and I knew I had to do it. So each of my kiddos wrote why they were who they were. Here's my example, "I am who I am because I get to teach some of the smartest Firsties in the whole world." This was a huge success. It built confidence, made them feel good, and it made our classroom even cuter. They were a hit tonight.

So as I was stalking Pinterest I saw this cuteness and it was a FREEBIE!!!!!!!!!!! Booyah!!!! I love when this happens. This scavenger hunt template was created by Teacher Chick from 3 Teacher Chicks. I was so excited because it was editable and it had Melonheadz graphics! #winning I wrote a note to each of my Firsties letting them know that I was happy they came to Open House.  They also earned 5 Bulldog Bucks if they came as well. Nothing wrong with a little motivation right? = )

So I brought this idea to my team and they all said, "YES!" Each Firstie received a medium size pizza box and inside we put lots of great work. One of my team mates thought of this awesome slogan. A Slice of My Day! Super Cute! Another hit tonight.

This is another display I put up. All week we've been learning about Texas and we did the cutest boot activity. The title says, "These Boots Were Made For Learning. "

Here's a close up of this cuteness. Not sure where this came from, but if you know please comment to me and let me know. I would love to give credit where credit is due. = )

My last photo for tonight. I'm on team delirious right now. This is how I had each table tonight. It was a big success! Spring break I'm so ready for you. Have a blessed evening love bugs.


  1. This is so cute!! I wish I could do these things with my toddlers! I wanted to send you am email, maybe you can give me ideas on what I can do for a special project I'm working on with my kiddies :)

    1. Thanks so much Kira! I would love to help you. I'm just an email away.


  2. You always have the cutest/kid friendly activities for firsties. I miss you on Instagram. :-( I will follow your blog. Hope you're having a fantabulous summer.