Anchor Chart Creators

Happy Friday night love bugs! Today was my last day until we return from Spring Break! I'm so excited to do some serious rest and relaxation. I will miss my Firsties but I will definitely enjoy the break. I'm sure they will as well. Most Friday's we have something called, "Free Time Friday," or some call it, "Fun Friday" the last few minutes of the day. One of the choices my Firsties are allowed to do, is free draw. Well today I had a few cuties re-creating our anchor charts on our wall. (I should get them for copyright infringement) lol This just melted my heart when I saw this. I had to take some photos. They know Miss May is all about a "fancy" anchor chart. I had to share this cuteness. Makes my heart super happy. Well loves I hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!! Tootles!


  1. This is awesome, Friendsy :) Miss u.

    1. Thank you friendsy! I miss you too. I need your email love bug!


  2. Here's my email 💛❤