Measurement Madness

As I've mentioned in the past my school uses Math Investigations and have been using it for quite awhile now. We have begun measurement and I must say it's one of my favorite skills to teach. As you all know I must always begin a new concept with an anchor chart. My Firsties love our anchor charts. Last week we did lots of exploring. We discussed what measurement was and how we measure things many different ways. I had five baskets out (one on each table) with a variety of different objects inside. One day we measured these items with paperclips, another day with snap cubes, another day with color tiles. As they rotated tables I played I like to move it. This is one of my favs!! We also had conversation about what they would rather measure with and why? Along with where do you start when you measure something and why? If your following me on Instagram you've seen these and thank you so much for the love. Happy Hump Day friends!

Here's my anchor chart that I created.

As you can see we measured a variety of different things. These were some of the objects at this particular table.

We measured fish and discussed if they were keepers or not. A keeper had to be so many inches long. So my Firsties created their own keepers. This was my example for them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog. I so do appreciate it. :)