Personal Narratives

In first grade were spending many weeks on personal narratives. You can do so much with this unit of study. As you know I'm such a visual learner and I think this is one of the reasons why I LOVE creating visual communication charts (anchor charts). Take a look at the pictures.

This is my precious niece modeling the personal narrative anchor chart that I created. She LOVES school and loves helping Aunt Tiffy out.

I decided what a great way to fill my teammates buckets, by making them an anchor chart. So that's what I did and as always they were very grateful. :)

So today we wrote personal narratives about boo boos we've had in the past. So I started the mini lesson with this anchor chart. I had the anchor already made with just the band-aid. I wrote the students responses down in red of when they had an "OUCH" moment. I thought the one throwing up flu was precious. I write exactly what they say. I just LOVE first grade!

This sweet Firstie wrote about getting stitches. The picture is of her in the doctors office. So precious!

This sweet Firstie wrote about how he got hit on the lip by a baseball. I know that was a big OUCH! I'm so proud of them.

Hope you all have a fab rest of the week!