I Almost Peed My Pants

I knew that title would make you want to click and read. :) So we all have our system for restroom breaks that our students must follow. My system is pretty simple. I don't have time for hand signals, tickets, asking me "Miss May can I use the restroom?" or even going as a class at certain times. I'm not saying these systems don't work. I'm just saying it's not my style and I have to much content and character to be wasting time with the restroom.

I have a boy pass and a girl pass. They stay in this same spot every single day. This is how I teach my Firsties. I explain to them that we have one pass for the girls and one for the boys. When they need to go to the restroom they take the pass and place it on their desk and go. When they return they put the pass back in it's home. I also explain how they must get themselves a squirt of hand sanitizer. The ONLY time they can't leave the classroom is when I'm teaching. It's important they're listening to the mini lesson. If the pass isn't at it's home and on someones desk they can't leave until it returns. This eliminates many students being out of the room at one time. I don't have to deal with the hand signs, tickets, or asking me constantly. I tell them I'm trusting them to go and take care of their business and return. A big word in my classroom is INDEPENDENT. This is establishing that in so many ways. I will occasionally get a child who has an emergency and I will let them go if someone is already out. I don't need anyone having an accident and being embarrassed. There you have it. It's a great system for when I'm looking for someone or when we have a fire drill I know where a child is. Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday tomorrow. Tootles!!