Throwback Thursday Photo Edition

Happy Thursday everyone!!! I must say that my evenings have become my days and my days have become my evenings. I feel like a new born whose getting their days and nights mixed up. Any who before I go and take a nap I wanted to share a throwback picture and  write a quick thank you! I've been wanting to learn how to create a watermark on my photos for quite sometime. I often times would just use my blog button as a watermark, but sometimes I didn't like the way it looked on a picture or just didn't want my button on there for no particular reason. Well I've become a fan of Aimee at
Primarily Speaking and just asked her one day and she sent me a quick simple email on how to watermark my photos in powerpoint. Not only has she just helped with that but just a good blog mentor for me. I'm a proud newbie trying to find "MY" way in this blogging world and she's been so sweet!! So thanks again Aimee. Now I can become a watermark queen. LOL!!  =) So here's a throwback picture of my brother and I. The left picture is from the 80's I was 4 or 5 and he was 3 or 4 and then of course us now. =) Now time for a nap!


  1. Tiffany,
    Can you share her tips with me? I did the button thing for a bit, too but agreed sometimes it looked a little weird. On second thought, do a post to help more of us! Sorry, just a suggestion... didn't mean to be so bossy! LOL! Thanks again for the nom. When I saw my first nom, I immediately thought I would nominate you, but then I saw you beat me to it! LOL
    First Grade Hugs and High Fives

    1. LOLOLOLOL Meg your a hoot!! I will send you the email that she sent me. It's very quick and easy!!! I need your personal email. I can't comment on your page unless I have google +


      Here's the info sweet Aimee sent me.

      1. Insert a picture onto a blank slide and size it so it fills the whole slide
      2. Insert a text box on top of the picture and type in your blog name (or whatever)
      3. Change the font and the font size to your liking
      4. Change the font color to white
      5. To get the transparent white background, you will need to format the text box by right clicking on it and selecting the format option; then select the fill option. I always fill it white and then change the transparency level to about 78% or so.
      6. Save the slide as a jpeg and then you can insert it into your blog post.

  2. I'm so glad you found the watermark tip helpful, Tiffany! Your photos are lookin' good! Any time you have a question, you know you can always ask me!


    Primarily Speaking

  3. Loving your pictures Tiffany! You are adorable in both!

    Sarah's First Grade Snippets