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Two post in one day? Oh Mercy!! I've loaded a new product to my TPT store. My store has been looking a little neglected and I promised myself to start creating products on a regular basis. Most of you know that I'm really big on classroom management and creating fun and safe learning environments. So you will see that most of my products so far are based on "Bucket Filling." Well tonight I uploaded this bad boy right here. A reading log. I used this reading log last year and it worked out wonderfully. My firsties have daily take home folders and there's a reading log section. I attach numerous copies of this reading log (front to back) in this section. Stops me from placing a new one in each time the log is filled up. Each column represents the following;

Date: Of course the day that they read away from school. I encourage my students to read nightly.

Title: The Name of The Book

Level: Our kids are allowed to take literacy leveled books home from our school library. Each book has a letter on the front cover in the upper right hand corner to identify the level of the book.

Where Did I Read? Well if any of you do Daily 5 you know how those awesome sisters talk about the importance of finding cozy nooks to read. I like to see where my kids form those nooks.

Comments: This column is just basically if the child enjoyed the book, or if the parent has something to say. I also just draw a smiley face here to let them know I've checked their log. Doesn't take much time at all.

Parent Initial: I just ask parents to initial that their child has read for the night or morning before school.

If your interested just click on the link below and it will take you to my store. Happy Sunday night! Feels so good to know that I have no where to go tomorrow. I plan to be in my pj's all day! :) !


  1. Hi Tiffany! Now I am follower of yours too! Glad to get off the instagram for a sec and check out your cute blog! I love the bucket filling ideas- we do that at our school too :)
    The Teacher’s Chair
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    1. Thanks Tracey!!! The bucket filling program is awesome!!