The End Is Near

It has been a super, crazy, busy weekend for me. As you can tell it's 10:30 Houston time and I'm still up doing school stuff. Crazy right?! I have finally finished all my awards. Hallelujah, Praise Jesus!! What a great feeling. Do you ever find yourself recounting awards making sure you have everyone and that nobody is left out? I can't imagine calling out awards on the last day and everyone is supposed to receive a certain award and I forget a kid. AWFUL!! Especially, if that child's family is there. So with that said after counting not once, or twice, but three times I'm good. I'll show and discuss my awards a little later in the week. So I have 4 and 1/2 days left and I still need to keep my students busy. Tomorrow is bring a board game and/or a card game to school. Now, I know my sweeties will not be able to play board games all day, so I need to come up with a plan. As I was stalking another favorite blogger of mine I checked out her TPT store and came across this cute graphing packet and I thought PTL!!! So I just went ahead and hit the purchase button. I mean for 5 bucks you can't beat all that cuteness. Thanks so much Sarah. Her blog is soooooooooo stinkin' cute!! First Grader At Last! So now I'm off to cutting and printing. I should be done, but there was NO WAY I was missing New Jersey Housewives or Keeping Up With The Kardashians tonight! Have a Terrific Monday!! My last early Monday for a few months. Yippee!!

Can't wait for my Firsties to do these!

These I just had to get. They are so cute!!


  1. AW! Thanks so much for the sweet shout out, Tiffany!!! I am so happy I have found your blog--I've enjoyed reading your posts and learning new ideas from you!!! You are a sweetheart!

    1. Sarah I'm so glad we have connected through this blogging world. Your one of my favs. I always enjoy reading your posts.

      (( BIG HUGS ))

  2. Tiffany,
    I am visiting from the I {Heart} Recess link up and I am now following you. I love your blog and I love what you stand for. I read your About Me. :-)


    1. Thanks so much Tasha! ;) Thanks for stopping by. I'm on my way to yours.

      (( HUGS ))