Tears, Tears, and More Tears

It's officially summer vacation for this teacher!! Wow, what a year! It went by so fast. I have been so busy assessing, organizing, making, creating, finding, filing, calling, emailing, and more and more and more. I'm POOPED!! This was our last full week of school and my Firsties were pretty bummed about it. My team and I decided to keep our kiddos busy, while we worked on cleaning our rooms. It worked out really well. This is what our days looked like.

Monday: Bring board games
Tuesday: Bring Puzzles
Wednesday: Bring a pillow, sleeping bag (or blanket), flashlight, and books. We read all day.
Thursday: Bring a beach ball to be autographed, beachy clothes for our picnic
Friday: Awards/Last Day of School

Not only did my Firsties do a great job playing together, I was able to get my room cleaned. I tore down everything in my room. (As usual) I plan to revamp. Some things will stay and new things will be added. =)

So if you didn't know I LOVE taking pictures. So I took some photos to share with you. Today was bittersweet. I'm so glad for summer break, but I will miss those sweeties of mine. I cried, my parents cried, it never fails. I know I'm a big baby. Can't help it I get so attached. I feel so good to be on team summer break!! Have a fab weekend!!

I used these awards and they were a BIG hit!! 
Thank you Hope King from Second Grade Shenanigans . She created these super cute awards and boy did my Firsties love these.

This was the front of my classroom. It was red carpet ready.

This brought tears to my eyes. This was one of my gifts today. My room mom along with a few other awesome mothers of mine created this AWESOME blanket for me. One square says, "Miss May, Thanks for the memories." Another square said, "From your Firsties 2013." Each one of my Firsties had their own square and wrote a special note for me. I heart it so much! (I'm cuddling with it now. (I'm a blankie lover)

I did this whole, When I Grow Up... board. Hallie will definitely be a great engineer!!

This is one of my fabulous parents and her adorable daughter that I was able to teach. We were at our class picnic. Great times!!

My sweet Firsties and I. We're missing a sweet friend of ours Logen. He broke his arm 
this day. We love you Logen!!

They thought this was a real treat. I would eat with my Firsties from time to time, but the whole week. WOW!! LOL

So I had seen an idea similar to this on Pinterest. One of my team mates showed me how to create this in a word document. After I printed them for all 19 of my kiddos I put them in a protective sleeve. Turned out great!!

This was my end of the year gift. Their name with many kind words to describe them. Along with our picture collage and a pencil.

This was for my room mom for all her help this year with our parties. I also, made one for two other fabulous mommies of mine who helped out a lot this year. Thank you Mrs. Geslison, Mrs. Cash, and Mrs. Hall =)

They told me they weren't leaving me. LOL (I heart them so much)

Happy Summer Teacher Friends!!


  1. You seem like an awesome teacher! I love the red carpet. I did the candy bar awards too (sans candy though since we can't have food :( ) I also did the word cloud activity. I used tagul and was able to put it in the shape of a heart. The kids loved it :) Enjoy your summer!!!

    Three Cheers for First Grade!

    1. Thanks so much Annie!! I LOVE Tagul! It feels good to rest and relax. Have a fabulous summer!!