June Currently

Oh dear mercy! Ya'll it has been a CRAZY BUSY week!! I must admit I'm very excited for the last day but very sad as well. I will definitely need a Kleenex box Friday morning as we do our red carpet event. I'm not going to lie I cry every year as I thank my parents. I just can't help it. I start having flashbacks about the school year and BOOM the tears start rolling. With that said I'm taking a break from preparing and creating for the last day. I can't wait to share later in the week. I decided to link up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade she has a pretty cute personality. =) So here's my June Currently. I love these linky parties. One more full day and one last half day. Toodles love bugs!


  1. Hi Miss May,
    First of all, you sound like such a fun teacher! I would love to be in your classroom. I also love the look of your blog. Did you have someone create it for you or did you do it yourself?

  2. Thank you soooooooo much Liz!! Yes, I had someone design my blog for me. Her name is Christi and here's her link http://designbychristi.blogspot.com shes wonderful!!


  3. Friday is our last day too! Happy summer to you!
    Funky First Grade Fun