Ain't No Party Like A Linky Party!!

Good Morning love bugs!! I'm linking up this morning with Latoya Reed over at Flying Into First Grade I think she has the most creative and cutest linky parties. I'm ready to get Acquainted. So here's my Tic Tac Toe.

My Favorite Grade To Teach and Why

 Although I had taught 3rd grade for 5 years and loved it. I have to say that first grade is my ABSOLUTELY favorite grade. I just love the growth that you see in first grade. Last year, was a VERY challenging year. I had things going on personally, a student teacher (who turned out to be amazing) and I was grade level team leader. It was just one of those years that was very overwhelming, but I made it through. I loved my class and parent support, but it was just a trying year (more personal than school related) and I know we all get them. So I look forward to starting fresh again. :)

Favorite Clothing and Shoe Stores

I love to shop and I love a great deal. My favorite places to shop for clothes are definitely Banana Republic and The Gap! The Gap has been a favorite store of mine since I was in high school. I just love their simple casual look. It's classic and timeless. I have to admit I still have a few pieces from my freshman year in college. You get what you pay for right? ;) My favorite shoe store is DSW. Not only do they have great shoes in about every great brand you can think of but they have amazing prices. I love to pay good money for a great shoe, because let's face it us teachers need a good comfy shoe for our pretty feet.

I love to rollerblade!! It's great exercise and super fun. I also, love reading for pleasure, blogging, listening to poetry, dancing(hip hop and ballet), and organizing. I can't stand a mess or things out of place. I mean I do have a niece and two nephews so I understand things get dirty and out of place, I just don't like things to stay dirty and out of place. I must go to bed and wake up to a fresh clean organized home. I'm very OCD about this. :)

I've enjoyed sharing my Tic Tac Toe with you all. Thanks again Latoya for the linky!!


  1. It sounds like you have such a great attitude about teaching. Last year was my first year and a very challenging one at that. I'm looking forward to a better year next year!

    I love DSW as well, they have SO many options!

    Sixth Grade Tales

    1. Thanks Jamie! Congrats on completing your first year!

  2. I have never been roller blading. It sounds fun. I will have to try. Thanks for linking up.

  3. I have definitely had one of those years, but you are so right, next year is a new year and you can start fresh. In reading your blog and following you on Instagram, I have quickly learned that you have an amazingly positive attitude!

    I love DSW too! I hardly ever get there, but I love to go when it's boot season.

    Have a great week!!

    Primarily Speaking

    1. Thanks Aimee!!!! :) Yes, nothing like a fresh start.

      Boot season is definitely the best at DSW!!! :)

  4. I remember as a kid I LOVED rollerblading, but I grew up in the country so I was limited to my parents parking area and sidewalk. The rest was gravel! lol