Teacher of The Year

What an honor it has been to represent my school and school district as Teacher of The Year. I always had a goal to become Teacher of The Year, but never thought it would come sooner than later. Today I had the opportunity to have a half day off to just sit back, relax, and enjoy being treated like a queen along, with other TOTY's (as we call them). It was our last and final luncheon (tear) but it was a GREAT one! (Beats inhaling my 3 minute lean cuisine in 15 minutes or less lol) As we all listened to various speakers and singers honor us, I have to be honest I was crying like a baby. Listening to former students talk about how important teachers are just made me really look back and reflect as a teacher. I feel blessed for being able to cherish this honor for the rest of my life. It really means a lot. Below is a photo of myself and a great guy who oversees, takes care of, and looks out for our schools and district as a whole Dr. Sconzo. Now back to report cards, certificates, and assessments. =)