Well it's the countdown and I can't believe this school year is almost coming to an end. I love creating memories with the kids all year and then reflecting back on them during this time. As you know sweet Erica Bohrer is one of my favorite bloggers in this blogging world and she creates really cute stuff. I'm very picky about what I buy on TPT and when I saw her Memory Book I knew I had to purchase it. It's called End Of The Year Memory Book (Editable). There's a total of 49 pages that you can use. It's worth the  buy!! So with that being said, my firsties and I have been working on these books for a couple of weeks now. To save trees I copied the pages I wanted to use front to back. Everyday we do at least two pages from our memory books. The kids LOVE them!! They get pretty excited about what two pages are next. I'm a visual person so I appreciate pictures. I've posted a few so that you could get an idea of what's inside. These aren't in any special order. Tootles!!

The front cover

I like my teacher because (this makes you smile)

My Favorite Books (I love to instill the love of reading)

How I Get To School

My Biggest Worry for Next Year: (I don't want my sweeties to worry) I died laughing when I saw how this sweetie created made up teacher names. LOL

When I Grow Up (Dream big) I teach with her mother. I had to show her mother this. =)

My Goals for Next Year: That's right have goals for yourself!