June Goals Linky Party

I'm linking up this evening with Jess at I heart Recess setting my June Goals. I must admit the month of May was a little CRAY CRAY, but I survived!! I'm excited for the summer to soon begin. Just to kinda take care of myself.

Personal: I want to really organize my office files differently. I found a great system created by Jen at I heart Organizing. She's by far my favorite blogger when it comes to organization. I'm going to put each topic in a different binder with tabs. I think this will be better than folders. We shall see. I plan to hit Hobby Lobby to find some cute scrapbook paper. I'll keep you posted and with photos. =)

Family: Most know that I'm a BIG family person and I try to spend as much time as I can with them. My goal for the month of June is to have a set activity for me to do with my niece and nephews twice a week. Museums, Zoo, Library, Movies, etc.

Health: I really need to stop going through Chick Fil A's drive thru. It's DANGEROUS!! I just can't resist that chicken and those waffle fries. I must admit my goal is to only have Chick Fil A once in June. (Oh let's pray) I also, need to cut back on my soda. It's bad and I know it, but I'm willing to do it. Nothing like that $1 drink from Mickey D's. NO MORE!! Starting today!!

School: I don't know one teacher who doesn't have school on the brain in the summer. I enjoy jotting down my thoughts, ideas, and where I want to rearrange things in my room. I'm so not the teacher who keeps everything EXACTLY the same. Change is good! =)

Blog/TPT: I'm definitely going to dedicate a couple of days a week to just surfing blogs, commenting, getting ideas, inspiration, and connecting with all theses AWESOME teachers. My TPT store is in need of some more items and I plan on creating as well.

Read: Hallelujah I can read for pleasure. All year long we're turning and talking about this mentor text and that mentor text. I just want to read without dissecting anything out of the book. I have to admit. I'm into 50 Shades of Grey! =) Not sure if I want to read books 2 and 3 on my ipad mini or buy them. I have book one down already. (hehe)


  1. One of my teammates is going through a difficult break up so we all had Chick-fil-A to help her eat her sorrows away for lunch today :) I love I heart organizing blog as well, she has some great products, ideas, and freebies!

    Thanks for linking up!


    1. Oh Jess, what great teammates you all are. That chicken can put a smile on anybody's face for a few hours. Iheartorganizing is the bomb.com for sure!!! =)

  2. Hey Tiffany!
    I used to teach in Houston- Alief, baby! Now I am overseas and loving it, however, I miss Chick Fil A something fierce!!! :) Congrats on TOY! Which district are you in? Glad I found you through the linky- I'll be following!
    Have a great summer,
    Creating a Thoughtful Classroom

    1. Thanks Karli!! My poor tummy and no Chick Fil A. =( LOL I'm headed to your blog now. =) =)

  3. I agree with you! Once I find out my new grade placement, I am going to hit the ground running this summer! My fiance says I should relax, but there's just going to be so much to do! (And I can always do it at the pool too! :)


    1. Sarah I totally agree with taking care of school stuff at the pool. =) That's one of our perks!