Visual Communication

Hey there teacher friends! Those that know me well, know that I'm a HUGE lover of anchor charts. I think they're an excellent visual communicator for students know matter what age group. When you enter my classroom you will definitely see these neatly placed somewhere on a wall, board, door, etc. This week my firsties are learning about summarizing and of course, we need an anchor chart. Hope you all have a great week. Happy Sunday!

This was a great visual for showing their thinking.

This was one of our "How To" writing anchor charts.

This was a beginning of the year reading anchor chart. We were building our reading stamina. I must say my little firsties can easily read for 30 minutes without giving up.

This will be one of our summarizing anchor charts. The bottom says, "Rockin' Reader. I made one for myself and one for AWESOME teammates.


  1. Love your anchor charts - you have the neatest writing! :)

  2. Thank you love bug! If I could make anchor charts I would. =)