Crayons In Need Of A Good Home

I'm a HUGE fan of organization! I feel sometimes I should be part-time (professional organizer). =) I'm sharing a quick simple tip that I decided to do this year. I found this organization tool right at good ole Wally World aka Walmart. I labeled each drawer with a color or two and placed each crayon in it's right place. This has really helped my students and I this school year. Last year I just had cute colorful tubs. One tub was labeled crayons and the other was labeled markers. Yes, the tubs were cute, but my students would spend awhile at "Our Community Crayons" area looking for a specific color. This was wasting time and I'm not a fan of wasting time. That's when I decided on this new plan. Let me just say it's been GREAT!!

Our Community Crayons


  1. I've seen an idea similar to this on Pinterest and it's on my to-do list for this summer! What a time-saver!

    1. Natalie it's GREAT!! You'll love it! =)